PT. Anugerah Wijayatrisna has been professionally engaged in trading industry of various wire and steel materials since 21 January 1991. Since then, we continually strived in renewing and expanding our products and service offered. As a professional corporate, we commit to supply a complete range of wire and steel products with specification demanded.

Our products are:  Double Wire Fence, Chainlink mesh and fencing (Kawat harmonica dan pagar), Gabions (Bronjong Kawat), Welded Wire Mesh, AWT Reinforced Concrete Mesh, Fencing Mesh (BRC,PAS fencing and Hi-security fencing), Razor and Barbed Wire (Kawat Duri), Roofing and Cladding, Lysaght Smartdek, Smartruss, Expanded Mesh, Wirescreen, Insulation system, and Cable cage system.

To maximize our capabilities, we also partnering with some of reputable companies such as PT. Bevananda Mustika, our affiliated factory and PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght Indonesia.

Our aim to be the global leader of steel and wire distribution, supported by our experience, skill and passion will ensure customers to get the maximum satisfaction from our service and products.

 Why choose us?

  • Maximise customer satisfaction is our first priority. We always try to give you, as our customers, the best deal of our products. The products offered should be matched with what you need. A complete service will also be given to you, starts from giving you a guidance according to your need, planning, specifying, calculating process, until the delivery of the products itself. 
  • Supplying a reliable and good quality products.  To make a trade, we don't want to offer you a cheap but unreliable products. An affordable and competitive product that is also reliable is the kind of product we trade and offer. To achieve this, we continuously search and partnering with reliable suppliers, review and surveying the products given to our customers.
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