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Category: Sheet Metal Cable

We distribute cable cage system that comprises of cable tray and cable loadder, made from steel wire mesh cable tray with various width spaces.Cable tray system, which we provide, has been proven to be a labor saving cable management system compared to the conventional shet metal cable tray.


  • Fast and simple on site assembly
  • Light weight, strong and effective
  • Ease to upgrade or re-configure
  • Simple fixing system
  • Cable safe, flush smooth surfaces and edges (no reptile animals could attach to it)
  • Adaptable-cables can exit cage tray at any point
  • Ease to create tees, crosses, reduces, risers and bends on site
  • Strong with high load bearing performance
  • Will not break even when overloaded
  • Open cable cage trays allow air circulation to keep wiring cool and makes for easy identification of cables.


Shopping centres, powe generations, mining, hospitals, agriculture, defence, data centres, manufacturing plants, food processing, large scale commercial buildings, fibre optics, telecommunications, raised access floors, schools, security monitoring systems and many others.





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