Solution for : Industrial

Manufacturing facility, plantation area, mining, oil and gas industry

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Category: Glaswool

AWT Provides glasswol, aluminium foil and reflective bubble foil that work as a new innovative insulation system. These insulation systems can be used fo roof, ceiling, wall, floor attic, basement livestock shelters, duct wrappings, factory buildings, cool container liner and other places, which need insulation system in place.


  • Energy saving : as the heat generated inside is retained an external heat is reflected outside in bubble insulattion system, or trapped in the glasswool, it is an energy efficient system.
  • No odor and toxicity, environmental friendly.
  • Light, soft, dust free, easy too instaal and can be made with a fire retardant featur.
  • Absorb noise and vibration from outside or inside the building.
  • Low cost




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